How To Choose The "Right" Pant

Our main mission here at LIOR, is to make sure that your online shopping experience is as pleasant as wearing our pants. Knowing which pant is ideal for your body will unlock a whole NEW level of confidence. With our diverse range of pant styles, there's a perfect fit for every body shape. Let's dive into our collection together and find the pants that not only look great but make you feel unstoppable.

  • Sasha | Tapered Leg Pant

    Our most popular LIOR style due to it's flattering stretch and comfort. This tapered leg ankle pant features a flat front fly and a 28" inseam that is perfect for a petite body type. It's available in a stretchy rayon fabric or soft twill denim fabric.

  • Stella | Flare Leg Pant

    Our newest addition is Stella, which offers a flare leg and it's the perfect pant to wear with your favorite heels. This pant is the same exact fit as the sasha, except the inseam measures 30" with a leg opening of 9 1/2".

  • Sammy | Straight Leg Pantmn

    If you're looking for a classic straight leg that's timeless than Sammy is the right pant for you. The inseam measures 29" and it's available in a stretchy rayon fabric or soft twill denim fabric.

Our Story

At LIOR, we understand that comfort is key, and that's why we've made it our mission to craft pants that you'll never want to take off. Our unique blend of high-quality fabrics and innovative designs ensures that every pair of pants we create feels like a second skin. From our classic styles to our trendy cuts, each pair is thoughtfully crafted to provide maximum comfort without compromising on style.